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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Capilla de la Orden Terceros


This wonderful Franciscan Third Order chapel, adjacent to the church of San Pedro de Alcántara, is located on Cervantes Street in Seville.

The chapel is a small temple founded in 1677 in the grounds of the convent of San Pedro de Alcántara, although it was secularly boosted. Over the years, the small chapel was gradually decorated with altarpieces and paintings, especially at the beginning of the 18th century, when the nobleman Rodrigo Clemente chose this space as his private burial ground, paying for the new high altarpiece and a series of paintings related to his profession and patrons.

The chapel consists of a single nave covered with a slightly lowered barrel vault, twin sash arches and lunettes, in the centre of which a small lantern that illuminates the interior of the chapel is located.

The main altarpiece, made of 18th-century Baroque style, is attached to the chancel, and, on the side walls, two large canvases of St. Francis descending into Purgatory and the Immaculate Conception can be found. There are also two small altarpieces, one dedicated to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the other to Saint Clement.

At the foot of the chapel, the main door can be found, leading to a kind of architectural compass, in the upper part of which a grandstand with a carved wooden lattice that connects with other rooms in the house is located.


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