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Via Augusta Roman Road


This stretch of the Roman road is part of the Via Augusta, which run south from Hispalis (modern-day Seville) along the left bank of the River Guadalquivir to Gades (Cadiz). 

The location of the road is known thanks to Greco-Latin texts, including inscriptions on the Vicarello Cups, the Antonine Itinerary and the Ravenna Cosmography. It has been confirmed archaeologically through large amounts of material evidence (e.g. milestones) and digs in both urban and rural locations. It should be noted that the Roman that runs through the municipality of Coria del Río follows the drover’s trail that crosses Dehesa La Atalaya and the La Hermandad residential development. Very close to the Roman road are the rural residential estates of Dehesa de la Atalaya II and Dehesa de Coria.


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