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Memorial Niña de los Peines “Al Gurugú”


Arahal is a fundamental cornerstone of flamenco in the province of Seville. The Flamenco Festival, Al gurugú', Memorial Niña de los Peines, takes place every year in June. The “verde que te quiero verde” award is presented at this festival.

This festival, a pioneer in so many respects, has relaunched the initiative insofar as its programme and format are concerned, dividing it into two parts.

The first part involves workshops on flamenco, exhibitions, tributes to well-known flamenco singers and diverse performances. The second part focuses more on recitals and shows.

It is organised by the local flamenco club in collaboration with Arahal Town Hall, Seville County Council, the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco, and other institutions.


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