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Festivals in honour of Santa María del Alcor, the patron saint


Declared an Andalusian Festival of Tourist Interest. 

Santa María del Alcor is a Marian image highly revered by locals. The festival in her honour, as the patron saint of El Viso del Alcor, takes place in September. It ends with one of the most populous pilgrimages in Andalusia in the province of Seville. The feast of Santa María del Alcor brings together thousands of people each year during the different days in which the activities take place. However, the most special day is 12 September, her feast day, and the day of the pilgrimage. For various reasons, Santa María del Alcor is commonly known as the “Queen of the Alcores “. 

The following activities, in particular, are noteworthy: 

On 2 September, the “novena” to Virgin Mary begins in the church.

On 11 September, the children offer tuberoses to the Virgin Mary; a rosary is prayed in the streets accompanied by her “Simpecado” and homage is paid to the Virgin Mary in the parish at midnight.

The celebrations continue now in the streets and squares of the town, including a cocoa-drinking event organised by the neighbourhood. 

On 12 September, the traditional “potajes” and neighbourhood luncheons take place in the streets and squares. It is time for socialising and enjoying good company in which visitors are welcomed. The procession of the Virgin Mary through El Viso’s streets starts at 9 pm. 

Finally, the traditional pilgrimage of Santa María del Alcor to the Alcaudete Shrine takes place on 23 September.

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