Alcalá de Guadaíra

Seville, beautiful and diverse

The Isla Margarita recreational area is located next to the Hueznar river, accessed via a small wooden bridge. We are at a place of great interest, as in addition to having an exceptional landscape, we are next to the Vía Verde de la Sierra Morena (Sierra Morena Green Way), one of the most popular and busiest trails in the natural park, perfect for walking or cycling.

The Molino del Corcho Recreational Area is located a little less than a kilometre and a half from the Cazalla-Constantina train station, next to the Castillejo rest area. It is a unique natural site where the visitor can be in close contact with nature.

The cave is to be found in the surroundings of the Rivera del Huéznar River, in an area formed by Cambrian limestone, which has been perforated by the waters to form the cave.

The Rivera del Huéznar is one of the three great rivers of the Seville’s Sierra Morena, along with the Viar and the Retortillo. Like all the tributaries of the right bank of the Guadalquivir, into which it flows at Tocina, it is a short river, with a winding course and a pronounced gradient.

The central area of the Seville’s Sierra Morena is drained by the Rivera del Huéznar, one of the three main rivers of the extensive hydrographic network of this mountain range, and the only one that flows entirely within the province, from its source in San Nicolás del Puerto to its mouth in the Guadalquivir, in the municipality of Tocina.

The Huéznar Falls are to be found in the upper course of the Rivera del Huéznar, near its source. In this area, the river runs under dense gallery forests, forming pools and descending over small steps in the form of waterfalls, giving rise to travertine or tufa limestone cascades due to the precipitation of calcium carbonate contained in the water on the rocks or plants.