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Flamenco festival

On the last Saturday of June, flamenco fans have a date in Utrera with the oldest of Spain's summer festivals, "El Potaje Gitano", which dates back to 1957. Since then, the brotherhood of the Gypsies of Utrera has paid tribute year after year to important figures of this art (Caracol, Mairena, Camarón, Fernanda and Bernarda, Lebrijano, etc.).

The Marinaleda Flamenco Festival is characterized by its unusual format, only four artists, and by its open support for authentic flamenco without any frills. It is organised by the Town Council.

This flamenco festival was launched in 2006 with the industries top flamenco artists. It is traditionally held in early August. It is organised by the Municipal Delegation of the Osuna City Council, together with the Peña Flamenca "La Seguiriya", the Andalusian Flamenco Institute, the Seville County Council and Radio Olé.

This Cultural Week is organised by the Peña Flamenca de Marchena, with activities focused on the world of flamenco. Each year, the Cultural Week is dedicated to a specific flamenco-related topic and/or singer.

The Marchena Guitar Festival first took place in July 1967. Currently, the Guitar Festival is held in Cardinal Spinola Square, and guitar enthusiasts from across Andalusia flock to the event. Marchena is one of many towns that, over the last 70 years, has encouraged the emergence of new “cante jondo” talent throughout Seville.

The Peña Flamenca de Marchena organises every year the “Cantes de Ida Vuelta con premio especial por colombianas” National Contest in memory of Pepe Marchena. The event is held with the support of different local institutions.

The contestants perform different flamenco “palos” (types of songs), with particular emphasis on “colombianas” which receive a special award.