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Seville enchants

The brand "El Clavel" was founded in 1896 in Cazalla de la Sierra, a town of whitewashed houses surrounded by holm and cork oaks in the middle of the Sierra Norte of Seville. It has become a household name, among other things, thanks to the universal fame of its spirits, which have included our famous Anis del Clavel since 1896.

The centre of the Osa Valley, next to the River Villa, which is hidden from the view of passers-by, is of more recent construction, from the 15th to the 18th century. This area is made up of wider streets, adapted to the flat area, and which reveal the economic power of the landowners, merchants and industrialists of the time.

In 1996, Destilería Cazalla, S.A., a company based in Cazalla de la Sierra and specialised in the production of aniseed spirits and Miura Cherry Creams, joined the Caballero Group.

This company specialises in the manufacture of spirits, liquors and aniseed, and the wholesale and retail trade of these products and other beverages in general. This an artisan distillery has continued to use the same age-old production method. “La Flor de Utrera” was established in 1960 by Antonio Espinar. It first distributed two brands, “La Flor de Utrera” and, later, “Horizonte”.