San Nicolás del Puerto Puente de Piedra

Sevilla enamora

It began to be built as a manor house in the 16th century. It originally belonged to the Paiba family and later to the Counts of Corbos and the Counts of Miraflores. It was in 1901 when it became the property of Regla Manjón Mergelina, the Countess of Lebrija, who carried out a restoration and fitted it out to house antiques.

The Roman city of Italica is found in the Lower Guadalquivir, halfway between Seville (Hispalis) and Alcalá del Río (Ilipa), in what is now Santiponce, very close to the routes that communicated with the mining area of the Seville’s Sierra Morena and Huelva. It played an important strategic role during the High Roman Empire in both the political-military and economic spheres.

The Via Crucis of Italica dates back to the first Saturday of Lent in 1990, when the Hermandad del Rosario (Brotherhood of the Rosary) followed this Way of the Cross alone for the first time and decided to share this unique experience with other nearby brotherhoods.