Castillo de Alcalá de Guadaíra

Seville enchants

The Hacienda de Montefuerte, located in Navarro Caro Street, now houses the José María Delgado Buiza Municipal Library. This 17th-century Hacienda was a typical olive-growing estate. The Patio de Caballerizas (Mews) is located in the centre of the estate, around which the original buildings were arranged.

The Chapel of El Navazo is set in a natural area near the Sierra del Tablón, between Algámitas and Pruna. The hill of El Navazo, where the chapel stands, has an altitude of 686 m, and is one of a series of isolated hills in the southwestern area of the mountain range. It was designed by the local artist Sánchez Barrera and built with donations from the town.

The Sierra de Montellano, also known as the Sierra de San Pablo, on whose slopes the town is located, is a limestone formation that reaches an altitude of up to 600 m, and which preserves natural vegetation of great interest for a town whose surrounding area is occupied largely by arable crops and olive groves.

The Observatory is located in the Natural Reserve opposite the Gobierno Lagoon. 

Its main goal is to make it easier for visitors to watch the wildlife found in the lagoon and its surroundings and admire the local landscape.

The town of Gerena is built on a granite massif, an intrusive mass that also emerges in the lands located to the north of the urban area and is part of the great plutonic mass of Castilblanco de los Arroyos.

La Barranca is a clay soil ravine in which runoff water has carved out numerous gullies. This erosion was compounded by the extraction of local clay over the centuries to manufacture bricks in the nearby kilns.

The Loma del Aire occupies a privileged location on the northeastern edge of the Sierra Norte Natural Park. It offers panoramic views of the typical Seville’s Sierra Morena landscape from the 740-metre summit: hills and mountains of medium-altitude with valleys and rivers in some areas. The Canario and Quiruela hills and the ravines along the Rivera de Onza Stream can be easily identified.