Marismas Doñana Puesta de sol

Seville, beautiful and diverse

El Coronil’s Town Hall is located in the town’s geographical centre. 

The tower that belonged to the former El Viso Town Hall, located at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, was attached to a building from the first half of the twentieth century, which replaced the old Town Hall. This mid-19th-century, neo-gothic tower with a clock in the front overlooks the square.

The façade of the Plaza de Andalucía dates back to the latter half of the 20th century. The building typifies Andalusian rationalist architecture. The ensemble comprised of the Town Hall, Plaza de Andalucía, Marchena, Victoria and Sevilla streets, and the Plaza del Cabildo is the real nerve centre and one of the town’s most beautiful cityscapes. 

The clock that keeps time for the residents of Almensilla is set into the Town Hall’s bell tower. This handcrafted clock was made in the late 19th century and is still in good working order. The clock has continued to work perfectly to this day due to routine maintenance.

The Clock Tower, located on the commonly called “Cuesta del Reloj”, is a 12th-century tower that was used as a military fortress, and was part of the old wall that surrounded this area. It was already called the “Torre del Reloj” in the 18th century as it had a sundial on the south side. The main façade is emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Counts of Cantillana, Vicentelos de Leca.