La provincia de Sevilla

Our province

Life and landscape in a diverse and monumental province

The richest monumental and natural heritage in Andalusia

The monumental heritage of our 106 towns is the richest in Andalusia, with almost 300 monuments declared to be of Cultural Interest and an outstanding natural heritage, with the parks of Sierra Norte and Doñana and, next to them, the five Greenways that run through Seville and its protected areas.

Small mountain villages, large palatial towns, farming and crafts villages, industrial and mining towns. Haciendas, cortijos (farmhouses), dehesas (pastures), forests and lagoons. There is a town for every season and every season has its towns. Enjoy the chimneys and mist in winter, the processions in spring, the rivers, marshes and lagoons in summer, the forests and streams in autumn.

Admire spectacular landscapes, enjoy the diversity of our cuisine and our lodgings. Visit our towns and get to know the best side of our people. From the marshes to the mountains and countryside, experience the province of Seville.