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We guide you through the heart of the province


We guide you through the heart of the province

In the guides and publications of the Province of Seville you will find an inexhaustible source of proposals and suggestions to make your stay a memorable one.

We have designed itineraries for all tastes, with all you need to know to avoid missing out on anything: all the routes and resources for you to travel through the heart of the province, town by town.

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The great diversity of rural areas in our province gives rise to a peculiar and varied architecture: houses in villages, houses in orchards, country houses, old railway stations, wine presses, farmhouses, estates, manor houses... a whole universe that speaks to us of a way of life closely linked to the traditions and labours of the countryside, to the calm life and, above all, to the cheerful way of understanding life in the rural world of Seville. As a consequence of the originality and beauty of our land and our houses, extra-hotel tourism is emerging. These unique buildings are becoming the new challenge for the Seville countryside, where the economy is changing from one based on agricultural and livestock production to a model based on services.

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Single and Single-Parent Tourism is designed for people who travel alone for discovering a destination while meeting new people at the same time. These two types of travellers demand special products that allow adults who are alone to share their holidays with people in similar circumstances and, in addition, in the case of single-parent families, children can enjoy a destination with other children. We want people who find themselves in this situation to discover in the province of Seville the perfect place for their weekend getaways or holidays.

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In terms of historical heritage, one of the most brilliant artistic periods is undoubtedly the Baroque.

The economic and demographic boom of the Modern Age cemented the particular and brilliant Sevillian version of this style, which has endowed the urban complexes of the province with a sumptuousness, richness and a personality that are difficult to match. This guide offers a journey through this wealth, through the municipalities that can be considered the most representative of the Sevillian Baroque. A dazzling itinerary that will lead you to discover the historical splendour of the province of Seville.

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More than five centuries ago, a part of Spain was forced to flee, leaving behind its home and fortune, taking with them their wisdom, language, beliefs and way of life, tastes and smells, songs and music, science and art. And in this diaspora that they began in Europe and later in America, they never wanted to let go of their roots, their baggage, their ancestors, their Spanishness... they were exiled heralds of a land they left behind: Sefarad. They are gone, but we still have their houses, their places of prayer, their workplaces. Here we keep, combined with other cultures, what they were and what they felt, what they lived, treasuring their presence in the form of monuments, urban layout, toponymy, gastronomy, vocabulary, traditions and legends...

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This guide offers a circular route through the province divided into 18 stages, so that whoever wants to complete it will have a very close view of our territory, given that it passes through its six tourist regions: Guadalquivir-Doñana, El Aljarafe, La Vía de la Plata, Seville’s Sierra Morena, La Campiña and Sierra Sur.

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The Golf Guide, Swing Sevilla, offers the technical characteristics of the courses and the complementary services of each of the five golf clubs that currently exist in the province, namely the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla, located in Alcalá de Guadaíra and where the group was received; El Real Club Pineda, in Seville; El Zaudín Golf, in Tomares; Hato Verde, in Las Pajanosas; and Las Minas, in Aznalcázar. These five courses are included in the guide of the Escuela Pública de Golf La Cartuja, located in the municipality of Santiponce.

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The 'Castles in Seville Route, meeting of cultures' reveals the valuable architectural and historical legacy of these jewels housed in numerous municipalities of the province, showing to visitors the living remains of history scattered throughout Seville. This cultural tourist route covers and includes castles in the province of Seville which, centuries ago, were a meeting place for cultures, a centre for trade and the transmission of knowledge, as well as a defensive settlement, and which today remain erected, although distant in the collective memory.

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Pilgrimages and festivities of religious origin are a consubstantial part of the culture and ethnographic heritage of our villages, where spiritual and recreational aspects coexist equally. They offer great heritage to be discovered: its uniqueness, its history, art, folklore, gastronomy, craftsmanship... It should not be forgotten that the paths travelled by pilgrims are the most beautiful ones in each municipality.

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Map of the Province of Seville

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