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We guide you through the heart of the province


We guide you through the heart of the province

In the guides and publications of the Province of Seville you will find an inexhaustible source of proposals and suggestions to make your stay a memorable one.

We have designed itineraries for all tastes, with all you need to know to avoid missing out on anything: all the routes and resources for you to travel through the heart of the province, town by town.

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Haciendas and Cortijos are traditional Andalusian constructions, linked to the agricultural and livestock operations within the estates where they are located.

A total of 9,730 Haciendas, Cortijos and Lagares have been registered in Andalusia, showing the size and importance of Andalusian Agrarian Cultural Heritage, the province of Seville having the highest number of buildings, a total of 2,092.

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'Where flamenco surrounds you' is a guide to one of the most characteristic cultural manifestations within Seville and its province: Flamenco. To get to know and understand it, it is essential to immerse yourself in its quarters, streets and corners. Then, you will find references to this art form: its origin, evolution, main masters and events that have made it a universal art. Throughout the year, the municipalities of Seville host an endless number of events and activities related to Flamenco. In this guide we will show you the main keys so that during your visit you do not miss any of the aspects that have made Seville and its surroundings one of the main spotlights of Flamenco.

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Sierras, pastures, steppes, riverbanks, coastal marshes... few provinces in Spain can boast such a high variety and quality of ecosystems.

Seville's protected natural spaces occupy more than thirty percent of its surface area: Doñana, Sierra Morena Sevillana, La Lentejuela, El Brazo del Este, El Corredor del Guadiamar... Emblematic species such as the Iberian lynx, the imperial eagle, the hollyhock and the great bustard are some of its rarest and most endangered species. Fauna, Flora and Gea, with Cerro del Hierro at the head, make up an immense natural capital in what we have come to call "The Other Seville". And to manage it, to take care of it, and to make use of it, there is the rural population.

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This guide takes us on a journey through the past and present of this product from Estepa, as well as through the companies that belong to the Protected Geographical Indication 'Mantecados y polvorones de Estepa', which certifies the quality that makes these sweets unique in the world.

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One of the architectural styles that has lasted the longest, with a great capacity for technical crossbreeding, is the Gothic-Mudejar style. The influence of the capital city and the development of Christianity over the Muslim influence have left us with a great legacy in our territory.

More than 50 towns and villages in Seville have monuments with Gothic-Mudejar remains worthy of a visit and in perfect condition, which are included in this publication.

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The living mining industry of our territory and a whole heritage linked to the activity of extraction throughout our history invite you to a journey through the past and present of mining, in an authentic Route of the Metlaes through the villages of the province of Seville.

We are talking about industrial tourism, but also about culture and about entering environments of singular beauty, where the contrasts of colour and the impressive dimensions of these spaces offer visitors an unusual experience, providing them with the best example of the symbiosis between nature and human being works.

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More and more foreigners are visiting us to study Spanish in the different schools in our territory, as well as people who work in language-related professions: university students, teachers, master's degree students...

In line with this, the Seville Provincial Council, through PRODETUR, and in order to diversify the destination's offer, we are launching this guide aimed basically at Language Tourism, for the purpose of orienting this segment around the magnificent range of tourist resources in our province

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This catalogue shows all that the province of Seville has to offer in terms of incentive tourism.

Heritage, nature, active tourism and gastronomy, as an ideal framework for learning and developing management skills and the creation of high-performance professionals, who contribute greater profitability to their respective companies.

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By means of this guide, we seek to reinforce the promotion and use of these routes that pass through many of our municipalities, in order to show tourists a unique, modern province, but with a very rich history; with urban centres of special beauty next to natural landscapes of particular attraction.

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The province of Seville has a wide range of quality establishments and unique venues with optimal infrastructures and resources for hosting professional events. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions), the variety of the offer and the professionalism of the agents operating in the segment, represent a strong potential as an element of competitiveness for the province, as the attraction of meeting tourism can bring significant wealth for the territory and for the companies in the sector.

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This guide is a journey through the lands of this important crop and the traditional gastronomy it generates: rice dishes with duck from the marshes, with red crab, with partridge, with shrimps... A guide to carry in your pocket, in your glove compartment or in your rucksack, which will help you to enjoy any area of the Sevillian villages that offer us all this richness.

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The attractive photographs of locations provide the idea of the diversity and iconic quality of our territory, which has many other places to discover. This basic resource guide aims to provide the film, television and advertising industry with all the professional information they may need to find out what our province has to offer: Seville is much more than a city and clearly reveals to the interested professional everything needed to know about its reality, territorial organisation, climate, communications and other information of interest.

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The province of Seville has more than 150 km of greenways that have been restored and enhanced as trails. They all run through landscapes of exceptional beauty and have areas for leisure and enjoyment of nature.

Sprawling spaces for the enjoyment of nature, active tourism centres, restaurants and bars, rest areas, etc. We invite you to enjoy these unique spaces, their history, their landscapes, the gastronomy and culture of their surroundings, and everything that surrounds this first class resource.

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The Sierra Norte de Sevilla, which is home to the Natural Park of the same name, stands out for its orography and its vast expanse of pastureland, making it a paradise for visitors, not only for its nature and active tourism activities, but also for its gastronomy, especially its Iberian pork products, given the excellent conditions, both for the rearing of the Iberian pig and for the production and curing of hams and other products derived from it, all of which are of the highest quality.

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This publication aims to introduce a new product in our tourist offer, Nordic Walking, an active tourism modality, very focused on sport, which is gaining more and more followers due to its unquestionable beneficial effects on physical and mental health.

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