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We guide you through the heart of the province


We guide you through the heart of the province

In the guides and publications of the Province of Seville you will find an inexhaustible source of proposals and suggestions to make your stay a memorable one.

We have designed itineraries for all tastes, with all you need to know to avoid missing out on anything: all the routes and resources for you to travel through the heart of the province, town by town.

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The purpose of this guide is to promote and consolidate the Industrial Tourism offer in the province of Seville.

Industrial tourism does not only include industrial heritage as a value, but also offers the possibility of getting to know industries in person. Finding the activity carried out by any organisation providing tourism services for the purpose of showing its processes, know-how, products, services, work systems, history, etc.

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Motorcycle Tourism

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The Guadalquivir offers a path of culture and nature through our territory. It crosses the province of Seville from one side to the other, tracing its backbone. On its banks, there is a peaceful horizon of landscapes that covers the exuberant richness of the orchards and the solitary majesty of the marshes, and on the margins of which there are drawn a white string of villages with a rich heritage.

This guide proposes, both to locals and visitors, to enjoy our river. We recommends three possible itineraries, each with a different personality. We will climb the Vega Norte up to the municipality of Alcalá del Río, where we will come across its dam. We will go down the Vega Sur, looking for the sea, to Caño Brenes, a few miles from the mouth of the river. Finally, after passing through the lock, we will sail the Dársena (former riverbed) to get to know the heart of the city of Seville.

With this guide, we propose, in short, a unique experience, because it is about seeing and enjoying our land as sailors, from the unique perspective offered by this legendary river.

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Olive culture is part of the DNA of our land. Particularly, in the province of Seville, it is difficult to find any of our villages without any olive grove.

The Seville Provincial Council, in our desire to promote the products of our land and the wealth of our villages, encourages the dissemination of the world of the olive grove and its contributions to our way of understanding life.

We also want to include in this guide the tourist possibilities that olive groves offer, in what we currently call Oleotourism, with the possibility of visiting olive farms and knowing the history of our villages through the world of the olive tree.

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The guide for motorhomes in the province of Seville is a document that provides information on the different areas for motorhomes in the province, in order to organise your trip and your stay in the areas prepared for this purpose. In this guide you can find the location data and QR, which links to the GPS coordinates thereof, as well as all the services available: if you can stay overnight, filling and emptying of tanks and wc, cassette, electricity, gas stations, interesting sites, playground, picnic, restaurants and food shops, if the area has surveillance services, if it has information point and WiFi, and if it is free of charge or you have to pay, if it is public or private.

In short, it is a publication with all the information and data of interest necessary to discover the province of Seville as never before.

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It gives users easy and immediate access to the information available on the history, monumental and cultural heritage; leisure and festivals; natural areas; accommodation; rural tourism and active tourism; and gastronomy in the province of Seville. "It is the guide of guides, a document with all the tourist resources of the province of Seville".

The digital guide is an interactive tool with links, buttons and a navigable index, allowing direct access to the contents. The paper format, on the other hand, includes one QR code per guide. All you need to do is enable your smartphone camera, focus on the QR code of the guide you have chosen, and then agree to open it in the browser, where it will automatically download the contents of the guide.

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This publication is a detailed tour of the wine-growing areas of the province of Seville. These four regions are noteworthy due to their orography, their vineyards, their noble vines of different types of grapes and, of course, their wines. These are one of the main signs of identity of the municipalities that make up a province full of nuances. We invite you to get to know and enjoy our province and its gastronomy.

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The purpose of this guide is to provide a useful tool to enjoy this area of Seville, a jewel of Europe and a paradise for nature and birdwatching lovers.

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The province of Seville is linked to the horse, a distinguishing symbol of our culture and idiosyncrasy, but it is also a great driving force for tourism. With this guide to Equestrian Tourism, the Seville Provincial Council aims to highlight one of the most important assets we have in our territory, unifying and integrating quality tourism businesses and resources linked to the horse.

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Birdwatching is the most popular form of nature tourism. Steppes, mountain ranges, riverbanks and marshes are home to more than 300 different species of birds. The geographical location of the province places it on the most important European migratory route, which adds many species and individuals to those already common in our countryside. The sporadic presence of millions of migrating passerines, birds of prey, waders and other waterbirds enriches the abundance and density of bird populations in our countryside.

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GPS Active Tourism brings together each of the routes and itineraries that are linked to the aforementioned publications by means of QR codes, 105 geolocated routes or itineraries to be developed in the province; some 1,930.16 kilometres through 75 municipalities in Seville, many of which are part of different itineraries. Specifically, it offers the possibility of accessing in detail to 18 cycle touring routes; 6 greenways; 30 Nordic Walking routes; 37 itineraries along the Routes of the Camino de Santiago through the province of Seville, and 14 stages along the Routes of Hermitages and Paths of the Sierra Morena in Seville.

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In the pages of this guide you will discover a province with a great wealth of heritage in all areas, the result of a historical legacy. With all our great variety of resources, however, it is our human capital that is one of our main assets in terms of tourism: the people of our villages, who welcome visitors with open arms and generosity. Legislative advances in the area of sexual diversity have led to the emergence in recent years of new family models that have made possible a more integrated and value-rich society. With our support for several years now to initiatives such as the Network of Proud Municipalities, we have managed to make our towns and villages spaces of coexistence and inclusion.

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The province of Seville has deep historical and cultural roots, in which the Andalusian past helds a privileged place. Its legacy can be mainly seen in its extensive Cultural Heritage: walled enclosures, fortifications of various sizes, unique buildings, the urban fabric of numerous localities... However, it is also to be found in landscapes and spaces, among which it must be mentioned the Guadalquivir valley itself, the great articulating axis of our province.

This guide brings together the elements of Cultural Heritage of Islamic origin in the province of Seville, together with those establishments that offer halal gastronomy. We hope to open new paths for cultural encounters.

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As a tourist attraction, we cannot overlook the gastronomy; Seville combines tradition and the avant-garde through its cuisine and its raw materials. Because Seville is also full of flavour, it is full of local products that have been satisfying tasters for centuries.

Seville and its province are increasingly positioning themselves as a gastronomic destination. Particularly, the offer linked to the gastronomic attraction is one of the main commitments of the Seville Provincial Council in terms of tourism. It is undeniable that it has been really fostered in recent years.

With this guide we invite you to lose yourself within the flavours that give each of its regions its own essence and differential values.

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The province of Seville has been inextricably linked to the world of bullfighting since ancient times. It is part of its culture and idiosyncrasy.

This is because our territory is the cradle of the fighting bull. It was in our fields where the first fighting bulls were created and where the breeding and selection of this unique animal began centuries ago.

With the Territorio Toro product, the Seville Provincial Council aims to show the importance of the fighting bull for the province of Seville, as well as offering the possibility of observing the bull in a privileged environment, in the heart of nature, and discovering the link between this beautiful animal and the history, art and culture of Seville.

If until now the unique experience of contemplating the bull in its natural habitat has been the privilege of only a few, with this initiative we aim to bring aficionados and non-aficionados alike closer to the almighty fighting bull, beyond the bullfighting in the bullrings of our towns and cities.

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