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Puerto Gelves


By boat

Sailing on the Guadalquivir River takes place the navigation channel called Eurovía Guadalquivir.

Puerto Delicias is ideal for cruise ship traffic thanks to the totally renovated infrastructure on the old freight quay.

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Puerto Gelves is located on the banks of the River Guadalquivir in a quiet town of just over 6,000 inhabitants just 3.5 km from Seville, with very good road links to both the city centre and the airport. Its proximity to the Doñana National Park, with its peace and tranquillity, together with the abundance of water, makes Gelves and its surroundings an ideal place for recreational and leisure activities. These unique characteristics also encourage the presence of native bird species, as well as a great variety of migratory birds that nest here on their way to other continents, protected by the environment of the Doñana National Park.

This prime location is complemented by the advantages of being part of one of the largest and safest river ports in southern Europe, protected from the saline environment and adverse weather conditions, and with a wide range of technical and material services. All this, together with the hospitality of its people and the professionalism of its sailors, results in more and more boats originally intending just to stop by, making Puerto Gelves their winter home.

It is a winter port that boats can access without having to go through locks or under bridges. With a capacity for more than 300 boats, it offers its clients multiple services, primarily related to maintenance. Companies related to the sector have emerged around it: maintenance, academies, rental, transport, etc.
One of its main events is the Puerto Gelves Nautical Fair. It is held every spring and offers its thousands of visitors the latest innovations in pleasure boats, as well as an interesting and comprehensive programme of leisure and sports activities.

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